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Velen Sight predicts your opponent's cards for the popular online game Hearthstone.  Subscribing gets you weekly updates to keep predictions accurate as the meta evolves.  Cancel any time and still continue to use the software indefinitely.

Amplify your plays

Velen Sight helps you quickly gain an intuition about plays that takes elite-level players months to master. Play like a pro by knowing what your opponent is going to do before they do it.

Gain the edge over your opponents

Velen Sight analyzes hundreds of thousands of games weekly with advanced machine learning algorithms to give you the best and most relevant predictions in real time. We get you as close as possible to what is statistically knowable about your opponent's deck.

Predict known decks and variations

It's not enough to know the common decks. As the meta evolves, variations of known decks contain surprise replacement cards that can mean a loss if they aren't anticipated. Velen Sight helps minimize these surprises by considering common variation cards in its predictions.

Filter by Spells, Minions, Secrets, and Weapons

Forget which secrets Tempo Mage plays? Velen Sight lets you easily filter the predictions by card type to reveal exactly the information you need to know.

Updated frequently

Our update schedule means you will frequently receive new deck data to stay ahead of the curve. Your gameplay will evolve with the meta.

Continue to use even if you cancel your subscription

A subscription ensures you receive ongoing machine learning data updates, but if you choose to cancel your subscription early, you can still use Velen Sight to assist your games. Reactivate whenever you're ready to continue receiving deck data updates again.


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